Co-Captains – Chapman


By: Paul Davis

Co-captains for the Chapman game are Neil Washington and Nick Monroe. Nick Jackson and Zack Ledford are the two new co-captains.

  Nick Jackson lives with his mom in Union and has been playing football since the 3rd grade as a nose tackle (current position) and defensive end. He loves football because he likes to hit other players and likes playing before a crowd. Jackson’s favorite memory about football is when the Jackets went to the Upper State Championships in his sophomore year.

Jackson enjoys social studies in school and plans to join the Army after graduation.

Interestingly, his goals for the team and himself are more about life than football as his team goal is to get ready for life and his personal goal is to become a better person.


Zack Ledford wants to go to college and become a pastor, probably because of the influence of his dad, Spencer, who is an associate pastor at First Baptist and his mom, Janet, who is also on the staff.

Ledford’s football goal is to be a starter in the State Championship game while he wants the team to win the Region and then the State.

He also has been playing football since the 3rd grade on both the offensive and defensive line and currently is on the O-line. He too likes to hit people as it helps him loose some of his aggression.

 Math is his favorite subject is math.




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