Inside the Swarm - Clinton

By: Paul Davis

Pre-game devotional. Coach David Lipsey began by congratulating the JV and 9th grade teams. “The JVs never quit and that’s something to remember.”

            Principal Joe Walker started by asking, “How many of you remember the Barnado family who lost everything last week? Nothing left. Life is important more important than football.”

            Using Isaiah 40:25-31 as his reference, Walker asked, “Who can you compare yourself to? No one. Who can I compare Wesley Jeter to? No one. There is no one like you. If I called for ‘Samuel’ to come up here, who would answer? No one. You may not know who John Wooden is but he is one of the greatest coaches of all time in any sport. If I could hear him talk at Andy’s I’d miss the kick-off tonight.

            “Wooden talks about four things: Know what’s right and can you think clearly about it? Love completely. Act from honest and pure motives. Trust in God.

            “You’ll have nothing if you don’t know what trust is. Trust someone to do their job. Don’t do someone else’s job.

            “It’s not about me as a principal. I have done nothing for you tonight. You need to trust, love, and care about each other. Do you REALLY trust each other? Remember, in football and in life, hard work really does pay off.

            “Over here on the board I wrote TCtwo. It means ‘too cool to care.’ Below is a list of ‘excuses, excuses.’ Who needs them?

            “Clinton is coming to play football tonight. They will know how the game is going to go in the first ten minutes. We don’t need excuses… would have… could have.

            “Seniors, what are you going to do? Life is not easy. You can’t cruise through life. The Number One Coach is Jesus. Think about what’s right; who do you trust? It’s not about you, it’s about the team.

            “Lay it on the line. You won’t feel good about the game if you leave something on the field.

            Offense. Coach Davie Maness complimented the offense on a good week of practice. “Remember what Coach Lipsey said, ‘There will come a time during this season when you will be putting your pads on for the last time. For ever.’ How you handle this game will determine how you will be remembered.”

            Coach Bryan Robinson wrote three names on the board and explained how each of them – Eisenhower, Grant, and Washington – had faced serious adversity in life and learned how to handle it.

            Defense. “Who will be the most physical tonight,” asked defensive coordinator Chip Bailey. “If you don’t slow them down, they won’t change anything. Set the tone early.”

            Before. “Lay it on the line,” began Lispey. “I want to be here during the play-offs. Leave it on the field. You will have to play with everything you have. Be physical.”

            Half. “We will make adjustments,” said Lipsey. “Good job first half. No screens yet but they will. Good job but you will have to play better this half.”

            Quick hitters. Travis Black, Austin Miller, Calvin Williams, Dillon West, David Hope and Jarred O’Shields continued their tradition of kneeling for prayer before the game… trainer Katie Melton is a first year trainer who Doc Lipsey brags on for being so organized and dependable…Kristin Martin is also a valued trainer who works with the tennis team and handles injury reports of all athletes…Alex Tucker kicked a field goal and put a kick-off out of the end zone… Clinton contacted the local National Guard unit requesting tents be put up due to predicted rain storms which the Guard declined to do until receiving a call from Columbia… officials apparently are not be held to a fitness level commensurate with the environment in which they work, as witnessed by an elderly official who was knocked down and needed help to get up… Monroe got off a 49-yard punt… when co-captains Travis Black, Jerred O’Shields, Alex Tucker and Kyle Trantham met at the 50 all the seniors gathered at the numbers…”I am very proud of the team’s effort Friday,” said Coach Lipsey …  Jordan Sims and Deon Smith had five solo tackles… Desmond Floyd, Nick Jackson, Darrius Rice, and Wes Jeter had tackles for loss… Kyle Trantham had an INT… Coach Lispey has effusive about Robert Humphries effort during practice: “100% effort, all the time.”  ...on defense, Lipsey said that Clinton’s coach considers the Jacket front four the best in the region… Clinton got just 30 yards rushing in the second half…John Simmons Fallaw had a great game running and blocking… Desmond Floyd made a highlight film type of catch.

            The journey continues. Blue Ridge. Away. Big game on the line.


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