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Pre-game devotional. “The 9th Grade and JV teams did a great job Thursday,” began Coach David Lipsey. We want a sweep tonight. You have got to go get it. You will have to earn every yard. We had a great visit to the Spartanburg Touchdown Club to be honored as the Team of the Week and you know what I’m gonna say about what we do from now until game time.”

Lipsey was followed by Athletic Director Mike Massey who began by saying he was filling in for Pastor Emory who was with his father-in-law who was very ill.

“I want to talk to you about a subject that most of you have heard about – Moses and the Promised Land. This comes from the 13th and 14th Chapters of Numbers.

“We like to complain. Athletics is like life. There are hardships in sports. You may get hurt. May not play. You complain. In a ballgame, something goes wrong. Someone misses an assignment or drops a pass.

“At Broome, some of you started complaining. Question: Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Real leaders step up in hard times. Because the Israelites complained so much and doubted, God let them wander in the wilderness for 40 years before allowing them to enter the Promised Land.

“I went by the stadium earlier this afternoon and one fan had already placed their portable seat on the bleachers, a good example of their faith in you.

“When I was coaching, our team started out 0-4 and went to the playoffs. The team never turned on each other. Don’t ever turn on yourselves.

“Have you ever had a fight with a brother or sister? Sure. But you still love them and will stick up for them and won’t allow someone else to pick on them.

“In Chapter 13, Moses sent some spies into the Land of Canaan to explore the land and see what was there. They saw it was a land of milk and honey but they worried about the people in the land who were powerful and many. ‘We can’t go up against them. They are too strong,’ they said. God had told them that He would give them the land but they didn’t believe in Him and so they missed their reward.

“Do you believe in your game plan, your teammates, your coaches? What is going to keep you from winning? The disbelief of the spies spread to the entire nation of Israel so, because of their disbelief, God did not let them enter the Promised Land. An entire generation died before they were allowed to enter Canaan.

“Greer is going to be tough. We have had great Jacket Bowls. The difference tonight may be the matter of belief or disbelief. Don’t let disbelief be your biggest opponent. Greer will be tough enough by themselves. Don’t let disbelief be your biggest opponent.”

 Offense. “All region games are big,” began Coach Dave Maness. “Tonight, three teams will be 0-1 and three 1-0. We play well at home. They are a good team. If you want to be a good team you will have to sacrifice yourself. You all are important to our success, just as much as the 11 who are on the field. Every play is designed for a touchdown. I’d like to keep it for 15 minutes before scoring a TD. How you handle adversity will determine the game’s outcome. What is important is the team, not the individual. The best TEAM will celebrate at ten tonight. We can run if we execute. I want to see you together as a team and one who plays 48 minutes. Actually, out of that time, actual plays consume only about 8 minutes. Can you commit yourself to 8 minutes out of your life? Play as a team. Handle adversity. Be all in, all the time.”

Coach Bryan Robinson reminded them how special it was to have been a Yellow Jacket football player and how special it was to the school and community. “Make yourself proud. Make your family proud. Make the community proud. Be together. Build momentum.”

 Defense. “Our goal to be region champions starts tonight,” began Coach Chip Bailey. “Greer IS the defending Region Champion. Wrestler Rick Flair said, ‘To be the man you have to defeat the man.’ The ‘Man’ is Greer.”

 At that point, Bailey began to diagram several offensive formations with the Jacket counter. “We will try and stay a step ahead of them,” he continued. “Play your responsibility. People loose because they are undisciplined. When you are pursing, don’t overrun. They are a strong side running team and that’s the way they want to go.”

Gym. After reviewing special team assignments, Coach Caleb Clark told the team that the Special Teams made the other team’s offense go a long ways to score. “Special teams also gave our offense good field position,” he continued. “We have won the Special Teams game for the last two weeks. We need this one.”

“Game time,” began Coach Lipsey. “Our house. Step One. They ARE the Region Champs until someone takes it from them. We have the first shot. Play like you are a championship team. Go get it. We work harder, we’re smarter, and more fundamentally sound than they are.”

Before. “Are you ready to play?” asked Lipsey. “They are the Region Champs. You gotta go get it. Play like a champion. You know how to play. Game Six. You haven’t played a bunch of cupcakes. Go hard on every play. The key play of the game may be the one you don’t go hard on. We need a good game upfront.” Dewayne Rogers reminded the team that Greer beat them 49-21 last year while Nick Monroe challenged the team that the offense had not had their best game yet.

Half. “Keep on keeping on,” began Lipsey. “As the game goes on it gets tougher. You’re gonna have to dig deep for a victory. Offense, you are moving the ball. We are half way there. It’s gonna take four good quarters of play.

After. “Great job,” said Lipsey. “Special teams played great tonight. Defense got a goose egg. You made the plays you had to make. This is our first step. It’s gonna get harder. Homecoming is next week. Have fun but keep focused on football. You had excellent preparation for this game. Keep working. You are getting better week after week.”

Quick hitters. Greer players were spotted jumping on our Union County logo before the game, something noted by the players at the half… before the game, Nick Monroe was heard saying that he was going to have a “Tim Tebow night”…he did…after the game, Coach Todd Davis was busy wolfing down some hotdogs on the 50-yard line… Dierris Beecham and Alex Tucker each had a “highlight film” kind of catch… the coaches meet on Sunday afternoon to go over game films and get ready for the upcoming opponent. This setting always sparks a lot of coach comments about player performance: “Nick Monroe had a great game throwing, punting, and running…Michael Johnson played big on the last possession…wide receivers Dierris Beecham, Alex Tucker, and Brennan Crosby all had a good game…the O-line did a great job protecting Monroe when passing and made good adjustments when needed…Ricky Rice had a big night with an interception, blocking the punt which led to Union’s game-winning TD, and was credited for being a solid tackler… the defense did a great job tackling…Drell Smith played a great game… the defensive line of Darrius Rice, Drell Smith, Desmond Floyd, and Nick Jackson all played very well…Robbie Humphries was noted for his hard work on the scout team and always being ready to do whatever he was asked to do…Neil Washington had 10.5 tackles and one tackle for loss…Wesley Jeter had 7.5 tackles and one tackle for loss… Desmond Floyd had two sacks and batted down one pass. .. Robert Littlejohn had 4.5 tackles, two of which were key at that point in the game.”

            The journey continues. Homecoming. Riverside. Step Two. Be there.




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