Weight Lifting
For those who are serious about football

Union County weightlifting now has four Clubs for which lifters will strive for membership. The requirements are different for each club with three of the clubs requirements consisting of lifting a minimum combined total weight of three lifts: The Parallel Squat, the Bench, and the Clean. The fourth club is based on improvement for the cycle.


Top row--Michael Flint--James Walton--Zach Ledford--Adam Gregory--Joe Cannon-Jacob Painter
Bottom Row-John Fallaw--Erik Beaty


Brett Smith--Brandon Frost--Victor Trejo


Top Row--Roberty Littlejohn--Dewayne Rogers--David Hope--Labrian Smith
Bottom row-Tate Knox--Dillon West--Drell Smith--Kyle Trantham


Brennan Crosby--Nick Jackson--Travis Black


Corey Land--Desmond Floyd--Dylan Lawson--Jamarcus Rice



Weight Lifter

Yellow Jacket Club

Black Jacket Club

Iron Jacket Club

Ultimate Jacket Club

Body Weight - Pounds Combined Total Pounds Combined Total Pounds Combined Total Pounds Improvement During Cycle
Up to 174 745 860 955 25 lbs. on Squat
175 to 224 795 910 1025 15 lbs. on Bench
225 and Up 845 965 1100 15 lbs. on Clean
Club Members After 2009 Spring Testing
Yellow Jacket Club Black Jacket Club Iron Jacket Club Ultimate Jacket Club
John Fallaw
Erik Beaty
Desmond Floyd
Dillon West
Drell Smith
Kyle Trantham
Daniel Revis
Devin Booker
Dylan Lawson
Nick Jackson
Tate Knox Michael Flint
James Walton
Zach Ledford
Adam Gregory
Joe Cannon
Jacob Painter
Bottom Row
John Fallaw
Brett Smith
Brandon Frost
Victor Trejo
Corey Land
Jamarcus Rice
Roberty Littlejohn
Dewayne Rogers
David Hope
Labrian Smith
Tate Knox
Dillon West
Brennan Crosby
Travis Black
Josh Armstrong
Devin Booker
Victor Howze
Joshua Johnson
Zandra Shafer
Crystal Walker


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