Here are the results of the 7 guys that went Saturday to White Knoll High School, Lexington.


140lb--LaBrian Smith--27th place out of 34 competitors

160lb--Michael Johnson--26th place out of 36 competitors

180lb--Michael Mebane--11th place out of 36 competitors

180lb--Jordan Sims--12th place out of 36 competitors

180lb--Brennan Crosby--13th place out of 36 competitors

190lb--Neil Washington--9th place out of 33 competitors

235lb--Tate Knox--9th place out of 26 competitors


There were over 573 athletes that participated in the Strength meet.  It was a great time and the Union County qualifiers had fun.  It was great to see how we stacked up against other schools and against big 4AAAA schools too. I think we did really well for our first time doing this.  Next year I think we will have a lot more representatives headed to State.


You can check out the results online at