Gaffney Indians

Gaffney High School
149 Twin Lake Rd
Gaffney, SC  29341


  1. Take Hwy 18 toward Gaffney.

  2. In Gaffney, you will pass a McDonalds on your left then a Food Lion on your right. Just after the Food Lion, take a left on to Hwy 105.

  3. Follow the Hwy 105 signs through the residential area.

  4. Following the signs, you will make a left at a stop sign where Hwy 105 joins Hwy 150 and then a right where Hw 105 leaves Hwy 150.

  5. After the right turn you will soon cross a bridge and see a traffic light. Go straight at the traffic light and continue down the very long hill on Hwy 105.

  6. Near the bottom of the hill you will see a Stouffers Thrift Store on your left. At the store, take a left on to Twin Lakes Drive. You will soon see the school and Stadium on your left.

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